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- By Gold certified Dr. Tan practitioners Guy Polak and Adi Fromm

Balance Method - Easy to treat with acupuncture 1,2,3

Many people in the western world suffer from a variety of illnesses and chronic diseases. Despite impressive progress in medical science these illnesses still remain unanswered and many patients are looking around for alternative solutions. The majority of them are taking an interest in Chinese medicine. Pain is an excellent example to this and one of the most common complaints in the western world. Treating pain with success is your key to a thriving clinic!!! After more than a decade of clinical experience involving thousands of patients and collaboration with the best orthopedic doctors in Israel, we can say that the Balance method and other Jing Lou approaches are the most affecting treatments in acupuncture. The balance method is an effective, powerful and easy to learn method.

What will be learned?

Historical review , the core teaching of Dr.Tans 1,2,3 Balance Method , our vast clinical experience and a lot of practicum. Easy to learn……Easy to treat….. Immediate results…… In this workshop you will learn how to diagnose and treat common pain disorders with the balance method, such as:

Orthopedic disorders such as:
Upper and lower limbs pain, Tennis elbow and golf elbow pain, Knee pain Spine syndromes, Lower back pain- acute and chronic Cervical spine disorders

Neurologic disorders such as:
Migraine, Neuropathy of upper and lower limbs, CTS-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, TMJ syndrome Un diagnosed pain
Why is it so worth for you to come?
  • You will discover the importance of a practical seminar which will give you the right tools to treat effectively at the same evening
  • You will learn the technique of meridian palpation and effective needling
  • You will gain experience and confidence to use the method right at the following day
  • You will discover the importance of ASHI points and immediate results

Advance Seminar Introduction to Global Balance

This fascinating Seminar is the first step in the advanced world of the Balance Method.
Participants will deepen their understanding of the theory of meridians and learn to build complex combinations of four or more meridians. We will explore the fixed and variable principles operating in the Universe and use them to practice a more effective treatment. The simple local balance that is taught in the Basic Seminar does not always give the required response for the complex patient. We often face a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge that characterizes the world of internal medicine. The Global Balance was developed to allow the practitioner who is already familiar with the principles of the Balance Method to deal with these situations, so that he can create structures of meridians, according to the Global Balance, that lead to an effective and accurate treatment of internal diseases.
The Global Balance workshop is an important step in the development of a professional therapist in the Balance Method. Besides teaching the theory, the workshop provides the confidence and ability to handle a huge variety of clinical situations. In this workshop, participants will learn to build complex protocols and to implement them and they will increase their understanding of internal medicine treatment. The Seminar also offers practical demonstration of treatments for common Western diseases such as insomnia, stress and other emotional conditions, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation, hormonal imbalance conditions, gynecological and neurological diseases. Participants will learn to integrate the treatment of orthopedic diseases with internal diseases. By the end of the Seminar, participants will see a considerable improvement in understanding and practicing as well as in their clinical outcomes.The Seminar is aimed at clinicians and therapists, both experienced ones and those at the beginning of their careers.
The prerequisites for this Seminar are: completion of the Basic Seminar – “1,2,3 Easy to Learn Easy to Treat”

Advanced Seminar - Meridian Conversion 

Meridian Conversion is the second level in the advanced world of the Balance Method.
During this Seminar we will dive into the fascinating world of the Book of Changes (I Ching) and learn how to connect the sources of ancient knowledge between the Book of Changes and the world of acupuncture treatment. Combining the understanding of the Book of Changes and the Global Balance encourages healing at an intensity we haven’t known before and opens the possibility to deep, life changing treatments.

Many patients come to us with complaints relating to the Zang Fu theory (The Organ Theory). In these situations, according to Chinese Medicine, the lack of communication between the organs forms a complex clinical picture. The Meridian Conversion is a great solution for these conditions. The Meridian Conversion is especially effective within Internal Medicine where there is a real difficulty locating the disease in the body.

Meridian Conversion follows the Global Balance principles in order to allow the therapist to deal with abstract and complex medical cases. In addition, it enables the reprogramming of the patient's Qi's movement. Meridian Conversion is especially suitable for chronic conditions that characterize our clinic today. This workshop constitutes an important step in the development of a Balance Method professional practitioner.

In this workshop we will learn to choose the precise acupuncture points and how to implement them. We will have practical demonstrations of treatments. We will sharpen the understanding of Internal Medicine treatments. In addition, we will learn the mechanism behind the disease and how to connect it to the world of Acupuncture, providing knowledge and confidence to treat a variety of common Western diseases such as insomnia, stress and other emotional conditions, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation, endocrinology and hormonal imbalance conditions, gynecological diseases, neurological diseases and more.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to treat chronic medical cases with an emphasis on selecting specific points for each disease. Practitioners will have a deeper understanding of the world of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and will see a considerable improvement in your clinical outcomes.

The workshop is aimed at clinicians and therapists, both experienced and those at the beginning of their careers.

The prerequisites for the Meridian Conversion Seminar are completion of the basic seminar – “Acupuncture - easy to learn, easy to treat 1, 2, 3” and “Introduction to the Global Balance”.
* If you have a long way to AkupunkturAkademiet and need accommodation, while you're on a course, it is possible to sleep at the academy. Read more about accommodation here.

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Dr. Tan's Balance Method: 2,5 day seminar

4.-6. september 2020


Dr. Tan: Balance Method System No.6

4.-5. september 2020


Clinical Day

6. september 2019


Dr. Tan: Global Balance

6.-8. september 2020




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