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Courses in English

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or send us an email post@akupunkturakademiet.dk

1rst to 3rd March 2019
 Dr. Hui Zhang
8th to 10th March 2019
 Dr. Michael Corradino
15th to 17th March 2019
 Dr. Hui Zhang
5th to 6th April 2019
 Dr. Hui Zhang
7th to 8th April 2019
 Dr. Hui Zhang
14th to 15th April 2019
 Dr. Hui Zhang
23rd to 30th April 2019
 Cody Dodo
10th to 11th May 2019
 Dr. Hui Zhang
25th to 26th June 2019
Dr. Gil Barzilay
2nd to 4th August 2019
 Dr. Hui Zhang
6th to 10th September 2019
Guy Polak and
Adi Fromm
Please feel free to contact us, if you need any help or advice regarding travelling.

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